< will someone come and pull me out of my obscurity, my misery, but leave me my anonymity until I am sure I am ready, for vanity, insanity, and the calamity of notoriety... will someone come and recognize my passion for life, my reason for living, to love and be loved, to create in words and art the embodiment of trust, the representation of passion, the infinity of truth, the eternity of love... will someone come along and embrace me to know me and love me and trust me to love truly and be honestly and trust unconditionally in the word, in the flesh, in the last breath of life and whatever is death... will someone come along and find my worth, repost my words for more eyes to see, find them worthy of respect and admiration and sharing... will someone come along and represent me, reconstruct me, circomvent me, and reduct me... understand me... complete me...